All About Print. Nothing else.

We are a printing services company.
All we want to do is print.
It’s what we do best and it’s our sole focus.

There are other printers in Hawaii that want to do everything under the sun for you. They scream we do websites, we do mobile apps, or we’ll do your marketing and design.

We just want to be your printing company.

What We Do.

  • Collaborate

    The best printing comes about with collaboration PRIOR to finalizing your design. Call us early and often. Small tweaks in specifications can produce a better product, in a quicker time, with better cost savings.

  • Print

    All we do is print. And that’s what you want from your printer. Total focus on a job well done. We invest heavily in technology so that our highly skilled print-craftsmen can make your job look its best.

  • Finish

    Unlike other printers that have limited finishing capabilities, EP can finish 99.5% of your projects without leaving our facility. This means better control of a better product.

  • Repeat

    Helping you be more creative is our main focus. Repeating the process creates a continual synergistic loop that begets a level of trust often only found with true friends. And we’d like to be your friend.