Prepress is all about the details.

With unforgiving deadlines, it’s critical that files go to the printer in as close to a “print-ready” state as possible. No longer is there much time to add/fix/append files during the proofing process. The designers that figure this out get their jobs done faster, with less stress and a better result.

Using Industry Standard Applications

EP accepts files created with industry standard applications InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, and Abobe PDF. Other applications may be submitted but require more time and more money.

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More changes? Another proof? Isn't this the time?
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Understanding the proofing process
to get your job done right AND fast.

Getting through the proofing process smoothly is about understanding what type of proof you are looking at, and what that proof represents. Below are the proofs you’ll be looking at plus a tutorial about how to make changes to each.

Prepress high resolution inkjet proofIntended to show type and graphic elements with final trim size. Created with high resolution ink jet on coated paper, it is color accurate to about 90-95% for CMYK printing. If you are printing on uncoated paper, colors may not be as vibrant. We intend to use this proof during the press run or at a press check.

If you are unhappy with anything on this proof, please contact your Job Planner immediately to discuss. Spot color proofs are for color separation and position only. Actual print colors will adhere to Pantone standards.

A very low resolution print on uncoated paper designed to only show final size and folding. Please review the folds very carefully to ensure that we’ve interpreted your instructions correctly.

This is NOT color accurate.

A PDF Proof is generated either from your request to bypass the high resolution proof due an extremely tight deadline, or during a subsequent round of proofing where only minor changes are required.

PDF proofs are fast and convenient for content checking, but only color accurate relative to RGB monitor technology. Please check carefully before approving. Again, this is NOT a color accurate proof.


(InDesign, Illustrator or Photoshop)

We do a lot of prep work on native files for best results on press and for finishing. This work is reflected in your proof. IF YOU HAVE CHANGES, please request our “working files” before making any changes. This methodology makes the proofing and printing process more reliable, and reduces delays in production.


We do anywhere from a little to a lot of prep work on PDF files for best results on press and for finishing. This work is reflected in your proof. IF YOU HAVE CHANGES, please resubmit revised files to affected pages only to and use the Instructions field to indicate “REVISED FILE”. We will attempt to recreate all the prep work we originally did, although when you get a revised PROOF, please check it VERY CAREFULLY.